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Nieuw boek: 'The Salamanders of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa'

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Dit prachtige nieuwe boek, geschreven door Max Sparreboom Is op onze landdag te koop met een korting van 10%.

Voor de prijs van 112,50 euro kun je dit prachtige werk aanschaffen.

'Salamanders of the Old World is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the 160 species of salamanders of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Written by one of the world’s leading salamander experts, it is the first complete and fully up-to-date overview of the Old World salamanders, based on the latest scientific insights.

After a general introduction to the natural history and biology of salamanders, this book gives clear and concise species descriptions, elaborating on distinguishing characteristics, distribution, habitat, activity patterns, reproductive behaviour, feeding habits, predators and defence.

Each species description is accompanied by colourful photos of typical adult specimens and by distribution maps. In some cases, additional photos and graphics are provided to illustrate habitat, morphology and behaviour. 

  • features information on biology and life history of salamanders
  • includes over 160 species of Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa
  • focuses on habitat, behaviour, and reproduction
  • information on identification, eggs and larvae, and threats and species conservation
  • beautifully illustrated with color photographs, distribution maps and drawings
  • an extensive reference list.

Salamanders of the Old World is an important tribute to this diverse and fascinating group of amphibians. It will appeal to people of all ages and levels of knowledge interested in natural history and conservation. The book will help foster the growing interest in salamanders and cultivate a desire to protect salamanders and their habitats worldwide.'

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